Have you heard about ARCHICAD 20 Solo?

AC19-Solo2ARCHICAD 20 Solo delivers cutting edge technology via one of the fastest BIM tools available. Users find a level of performance many have come to expect from GRAPHISOFT. ARCHICAD 20 delivers an intuitive and responsive set of tools homebuilders need which to simplifies the process of BIM adoption for the sole practitioner.

With ARCHICAD 20 Solo, you can focus on perfecting your design because as you work, the software captures all your project information from which the 3D model and 2D drawings are quickly and efficiently produced. Throughout the design process you will be using intelligent model-based workflows for new construction, renovation, and retrofit projects and many aspects of the documentation process is automated to eliminate costly and tedious rework.

Presentations Upgraded

archicad-solo-edition-bimxARCHICAD 20 Solo features a renovation filter, quantity and material takeoffs and 3D presentation app – BIMx – all working together to support the creation of custom, high-end residential homes. BIMx is the ultimate BIM projject presentation application offering integrated 2D and 3D building project navigation. It enables designers to communicate and share projects with clients on both Windows and Max workstations, as well as iOS and Android devices. ARCHICAD 20 Solo provides powerful advantages over a 2D CAD solution – operating on a building focused, 3D model-based design platform. For remodeling and home expansion projects, ARCHICAD 20 Solo supplies a built-in renovation tool. Users can coordinate all documentation and create integrated presentations for client meetings.

Built-in Energy Evaluation

GRAPHISOFT continues to innovate in “green” solutions, uniquely offering the best workflow for sustainable design integrated right within ARCHICAD. The built-in Energy Evaluation functionality is based on entirely new technology that allows users or designers to perform reliable, dynamic energy assessments of their BIM models. These evaluations rely on BIM geometry analysis and accurate, hour-by-hour online weather data of the building’s location.

Homebuilders who rely on ARCHICAD 20 Solo have the ability to create quantity take-offs and schedules for bills of materials. The software also allows for Passive House design – supporting full PHPP export.

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