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Founded in 1999, 3DCADCO is one of the world’s earliest pioneers in 3D AEC CAD software originally called Virtual Building, now known as BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Our talented team of BIM software experts offer software and services focused on the building industry allowing us to recommend and quickly implement state of the art solutions tailored to each firm.

Integrating new software into a firm is a critical one at any time.  Having helped hundreds firms modernize their technology from 2D CAD to 3D, 4D, 5D and beyond, our solutions are considered by many to be the most proven, intuitive and productive in the AEC industry today.

Having used various 2D drafting, 3D modeling and BIM programs ourselves, we recommend Archicad since it invented the BIM concept and is consistently the  top-rated BIM software for the AEC industry.  Included with Archicad and available free to consultants and clients, BIMx is the top-rated App for AEC professionals using mobile devices like the iPhone/iPad and Android.  Archicad also includes the revolutionary BIMcloud technology based on the award-winning BIM Server concept.  It’s today’s most cutting edge solution for sharing large BIM software files and collaborating with remote team members using just Wi-Fi.  Plus Archicad’s patented Virtual Trace technology is available exclusively within the software allowing you to virtually compare and reference drawings of almost any type (PDF, DWG, DWF, JPG) any where in the project.

Translated in 18 languages, Archicad is used by cutting-edge design and construction firms around the world doing projects from small residential remodels, to large commercial and institutional facilities.

In addition to BIM software sales, training, and support, 3DCADCO offers a complete range of AEC consulting services including design, visualizations, 3D/BIM modeling, 2D drafting and project consulting using today’s latest BIM technology on both Mac and PC.  With our boutique firm approach, we believe in partnering with our clients to know them personally, making 3DCADCO the number one Archicad consulting firm in the southeast.  We strive to increase our clients presentations and efficiency while impressing their own clients, ensuring everyones mutual success.  3DCADCO offers Archicad and BIM services throughout Florida, the Caribbean and beyond.

Take time to learn more about Archicad and you’ll soon appreciate the many benefits over the mainstream technical CAD and BIM software.  Contact us to schedule a live AIA Continuing Education demonstration to see first hand the various ways Archicad can benefit your practice and improve your designs, presentations and productivity.

Thanks for visiting, we hope to share our exciting BIM technology with you!

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